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How to say "sky" in Russian

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Meaning: sky, heaven

Pronunciation: [NYEH-buh]

Part of speech: noun (neuter noun)

Rank: #322 (see frequency list)

The sky is clear today.
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 Example sentences:
  • Нéбо сегóдня чи́стое.
  • The sky is clear today.
  • На нéбе былá пóлная лунá.
  • There was a full moon in the sky.
  • По нéбу бы́стро плы́ли облакá.
  • Clouds floated quickly accross the sky.
  • Ты смотрéл комéдию "Мéжду нéбом и землëй"?
  • Have you seen the comedy "Just like Heaven"?
  •  literal  Have you seen the comedy "Between the heaven and the earth"?
  • Зимóй у нас практи́чески не бывáeт голубóго нéба.
  • We almost never get blue sky in winter.
  •  literal  In winter we practically don't have blue sky.
  • Мы реши́ли организовáть у́жин под откры́тым нéбом.
  • We decided to organize a dinner outside.
  •  literal  We decided to organize a dinner under the open sky.
  • Во врéмя войны́ в нéбе Ленингрáда вели́сь ожесточëнные бои́.
  • There were fierce sky battles over Leningrad during the war.
  • Говоря́т, хорóшие лю́ди отправля́ются на небесá.
  • They say, good people go to heaven.
  • В небесáх витáют áнгелы.
  • Angels fly in the sky.
  • О небесá! Прошу́, верни́те мне егó.
  • Oh Heaven! Please, let him come back to me!
  •  literal  Oh Heaven! Please, return him to me!

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • быть на седьмóм нéбе = be in the seventh heaven
  • как нéбо и земля́ = like heaven and earth
  • о нéбо! = (good) Heavens!
  • отпрáвиться на нéбо = go up to Heaven
  • превозноси́ть до небéс = praise to the skies
  • c нéба свали́ться = come out of the blue
      literal  fall from the sky
  • как грóм среди́ я́сного нéба = come out of the blue
      literal  like a thunder in the blue sky
  • звéзд с нéба не хватáeт = he won't set the Thames on fire
      literal  he doesn't catch stars from the sky
  • спусти́ться с нéба на зéмлю = come down to earth
  • под откры́тым нéбом = outdoors, alfresco
      literal  under the open sky
 Related words:
  • небécный = celestial, heavenly
  • нëбо = palate
  • рай = paradise
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Брáки совершáются на небесáх.
  • Marriages are made in heaven.
  • Бог – на нéбе, царь – на землé.
  • God in heaven, tsar on the earth.
  • Лу́чше сини́ца в рукáх, чем журавль в нéбе.
  • A bird In the hand is worth two in the bush
  •  literal  It's better a tomtit in the hands that a crane in the sky.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
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