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How to say "thought" in Russian

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Meaning: thought, idea

Pronunciation: [misl']

Part of speech: noun (feminine noun)

Rank: #259 (see frequency list)

A woman deep in thought.
 Example sentences:
  • Эта мысль обра́довала меня́.
  • This thought made me happy.
  • Ей в го́лову пришла́ кака́я-то мы́сль.
  • She was struck by some idea.
  •  literal  Some idea came to her head.
  • Мне ста́ло стра́шно от э́той мы́сли.
  • I was terrified at the thought.
  • Каки́е мы́сли?
  • What are your thoughts?
  •  literal  What [are] thoughts?
  • Она́ уме́ет чита́ть мы́сли.
  • She can read minds.
  • Дми́трий пойма́л себя́ на мы́сли, что на́до прочита́ть "Войну́ и мир".
  • Dmitriy caught himself thinking that he needs to read "War and Peace".
  • У меня́ и в мы́слях не́ было ста́ть адвока́том.
  • I never meant to become a lawyer.
  •  literal  I didn't even have in my thoughts to become a lawyer.
  • Когда́ постуча́ли в дверь, то пе́рвой мы́слью бы́ло, что кто́-то пожа́ловался на шум.
  • When there was a knock on the door, the first thought that came to mind was that someone complained about the noise.
  • Мы́сли челове́ка явля́ются результа́том акти́вности не́рвных кле́ток головно́го мо́зга.
  • Human thoughts are the result of activity of nerve cells in the brain.
  • Вы́броси из головы́ все мы́сли.
  • Let all your thoughts go.
  •  literal  Throw all the thoughts out of your mind.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • без за́дних мы́слей = without a secret thought
      literal  without behind thoughts
  • чита́ть мы́сли = to read one's mind/thoughts
 Related words:
  • мышле́ние = thinking, reasoning, mind
  • мы́слить = to think, reason
  • иде́я = an idea
  • мысля́ = an idea, thought (informal, folksy)
  • мы́сленный = imaginary, mental
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Хоро́шая мысля́ прихо́дит апосля́.
  • Second thoughts are best.
  •  literal  A good idea comes in hindsight.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
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