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How to say "blood" in Russian

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Meaning: blood

Pronunciation: [krohf']

Part of speech: noun (feminine noun)

Rank: #370 (see frequency list)

I got my blood tested.
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 Example sentences:
  • Я сдал кровь на анáлиз.
  • I got my blood tested.
  •  literal  I gave blood for a test.
  • Он потеря́л мнóго крóви.
  • He lost a lot of blood.
  • Переливáние крóви - очéнь отвéтственная процеду́ра.
  • Blood transfusion is a very important treatment.
  •  literal  Blood transfusion is a very responsible treatment.
  • Солдáт был весь в крови́.
  • The soldier was covered with blood.
  • Я люблю́ мя́со с крóвью.
  • I like rare meat.
  • Мы родны́е тóлько по крóви.
  • We are relatives only by blood.
  • Онá дворя́нских кровéй.
  • She comes from a noble family.
  •  literal  She is of noble bloods.
  • Да, у негó горя́чая кровь...
  • Yes, he is hot-tempered.
  •  literal  Yes, he has a hot blood.
  • У нас дог сáмой чи́стой крóви.
  • We have a pureblooded dog.
  • На э́тот раз обошлóсь без крóви.
  • This time it didn't come to violence.
  •  literal  This time it didn't come to blood.
  • От таки́х новоcтéй холодéeт кровь.
  • One grows cold with terror of this news.
  •  literal  The blood grows cold of this news.
  • Да, он хитрéц, э́то у негó в крови́.
  • Yes, he is sly, it runs in his blood.
  • Вдруг егó глазá налили́сь крóвью.
  • Suddenly his eyes got bloodshot.
  • Они́ проли́ли свою кровь за рóдину.
  • They shed their blood for their homeland.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • Кровь из нóсу = Even if it kills you
      literal  Blood from the nose
  • Кровь с молокóм = Milk and roses
      literal  Blood with milk
  • В кровь, дó крови = Till it bleeds
  • Войти́ в плоть и кровь = Become ingrained
      literal  Come into flesh and blood
  • До послéдней кáпли крóви = To the last drop of blood
  • Отдéлаться мáлой крóвью = Get off cheap
      literal  Get off with small blood
  • Пóртить себé кровь = Worry (oneself) needlessly
      literal  Spoil one's blood
  • Писáть крóвью сéрдца = Write sincerely
      literal  Write with heart's blood
  • Гру́ппа крóви = Blood group
  • Сéрдце крóвью обливáeтся = Smb's heart is bleeding
  • Кровь удáрила в гóлову = One is dead-frightened
      literal  Blood hit into one's head
 Related words:
  • кровáвый = bloody
  • кровянóй = blood (adjective)
  • крóвушка = blood (diminutive)
  • кровотечéние = bleeding, haemorrhage
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Ни мóря без воды́, ни войны́ без крóви.
  • There is no sea without water nor war without blood.
  • Крóви и крóвью не смóешь.
  • Blood can not be washed off with blood.
  • Кровь не водá, а сéрдце не кáмень.
  • Blood is thicker than water.
  •  literal  Blood is not water and heart is not a stone.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural
Locativeв крови́-

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