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How to say "owner" in Russian

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Meaning: owner, landlord, master, boss, host

Pronunciation: [khah-ZYAH-een]

Part of speech: noun (masculine noun)

Rank: #358 (see frequency list)

Have you found the dog's owner?
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 Example sentences:
  • Кто хозя́ин маши́ны?
  • Who is the owner of the car?
  • Ты нашëл хозя́ина собáки?
  • Have you found the dog's owner?
  • Он – хозя́ин огрóмной кварти́ры в цéнтре Москвы́.
  • He is the owner of a huge flat in the center of Moscow.
  • Подожди́, мне ну́жно позвони́ть хозя́ину гости́ницы.
  • Wait, I have to give a call to the hotel landlord.
  • Мы хорóшие друзья́ с хозя́ином клу́ба.
  • I am a good friend of the club's owner.
  •  literal  We are good friends with the club's owner.
  • Мой муж – прекрáсный хозя́ин!
  • My husband is very thrifty.
  •  literal  My husband is a wonderful master.
  • Срáзу ви́дно, что дирéктор завóда – хорóший хозя́ин.
  • It's clear that the factory director is a good manager.
  •  literal  It is seen straight away that the factory director is a good manager.
  • Где же хозя́ин дóмa?
  • So, where's your husband?
  •  literal  So, where's the master of the house?
  • Гостéй вы́шел встречáть хозя́ин.
  • The host went out to receive the guests.
  • Тепéрь сын сам себé хозя́ин.
  • My son is his own boss now.
  • Матч вы́играли хозя́ева пóля.
  • The home team won the match.
  •  literal  The field owners won the match.
  • Сначáла ну́жно обсуди́ть услóвия с хозя́евами дáчи.
  • We have to discuss the conditions with the owners of the country house first.
  • О хозя́евах собáки ничегó нé было извécтно.
  • There was no information about the dog's owners.
  •  literal  It wasn't known anything about the dog's owners.
  • Ты сказáл о полóмке холоди́льника хозя́евам кварти́ры?
  • Hav you told the flat owners about the fridge breakdown?

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • хозя́ин положéния = master of the situation
  • сам себé хозя́ин = one's own master / boss
  • хозя́ин своегó слóва = a man of his word
  • хозя́ева своéй судьбы́ = masters of their own lives
  • хозя́ева пóля = the home team
      literal  The field owners
 Related words:
  • хозя́йка = owner, landlady, hostess
  • хозя́йский = owner's, host's, landlord's
  • владéлец = owner
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Всяк хозя́ин в своëм дому́ большóй.
  • Every landlord is important in their own house.
  • Без хозя́ина дом – сиротá.
  • A house is an orphan without a host.
  • Бéшеная собáка и хозя́ина кусáет.
  • A mad dog can bite its owner.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural
Nominativeхозя́инхозя́ева (хозя́ины)
Genitiveхозя́инахозя́ев (хозя́инов)
Dativeхозя́инухозя́евам (хозя́инам)
Accusativeхозя́инахозя́ев (хозя́инов)
Instrumentalхозя́иномхозя́евами (хозя́инами)
Prepositionalо хозя́инео хозя́евах (о хозя́инах)

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