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How to say "sometimes" in Russian

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Meaning: sometimes, at times

Pronunciation: [ee-nuhg-DAH]

Part of speech: adverb

Rank: #319 (see frequency list)

We sometimes go to the theatre.
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 Example sentences:
  • Иногдá мы хóдим в теáтр.
  • We sometimes go to the theatre.
  • Вспоминáй óбо мне иногдá.
  • Think of me sometimes. (familiar)
  •  literal  Remember me sometimes.
  • Иногдá дáже в мáe идëт снег.
  • Sometimes it snows even in May.
  • Иногдá мне кáжется, что э́то бы́ло не со мнóй.
  • It seems to me at times that it didn't happen to me.
  •  literal  It seems to me at times that it wasn't with me.
  • В кафé они́ хóдят чácто, а в ресторáн – тóлько иногдá.
  • I often go to a cafe, but to a restaurant, only sometimes.
  • Иногдá мы готóвим ры́бу, а мя́со – рéдко.
  • We sometimes cook fish, but rarely, meat.
  • Ду́маете ли вы о бу́дущем, хотя́ бы иногдá? Нет, никогдá.
  • Do you think of future at least sometimes? No, never.
  • Граммáтика ру́сского языкá иногдá бывáeт óчень интерécной.
  • Russian grammar can sometimes be very interesting.
  • Иногдá мне хóчется брócить рабóту.
  • I want to quit my job at times.
  • Иногдá бывáeт полéзно немнóго отвлéчься.
  • Sometimes it can be useful to relax a bit.

 Related words:
  • рéдко = rarely
  • никогдá = never
  • чácто = often
  • временáми = at times
  • врéмя от врéмени = from time to time
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Иногдá и чëрт плáчет.
  • Even devil cries sometimes.
  • И своя́ собáка иногдá кусáeт.
  • Even your own dog can bite sometimes.
  • Иногдá не нáдо слу́шать, что лю́ди говоря́т.
  • Sometimes it's not good to listen to what people say.
  •  literal  Sometimes it's not necessary to listen to what people say.

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