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How to say "name" in Russian

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Meaning: name, first name, reputation

Pronunciation: [EE-myah]

Part of speech: noun (neuter noun)

Rank: #284 (see frequency list)

What name did you give to the kitten?
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 Example sentences:
  • Моë пóлное и́мя - Вячеслáв Иванóв. Мне три́дцать пять лет.
  • My full name is Vyacheslav Ivanov. I am 35 years old.
  • У ребëнка пока нет и́мени.
  • The baby doesn't have a name yet.
  • Назови́те вáши и́мя, фами́лию и óтчество.
  • Tell your first name, surname and patronymic.
  •  literal  Name your name, family name and patronymic.
  • Я егó знáю тóлько по и́мени.
  • I know him by name only.
  • Какóе и́мя вы дáли котëнку?
  • What name did you give to the kitten?
  • Обращáйся ко мне по и́мени, пожáлуйста!
  • Address me by my name, please.
  •  literal  Address me by name, please.
  • Онá былá извéстна под и́менем Петрóвой.
  • She went under the name of Petrova.
  •  literal  She was known by the name of Petrova.
  • Ф.М.Достоéвский - писáтель с мировы́м и́менем.
  • F.M. Dostoevsky is famous worldwide.
  •  literal  F.M. Dostoevsky is a writer with a world name.
  • Он сдéлал себé и́мя, занимáясь реклáмой.
  • He became famous being involved in advertising business.
  •  literal  He made his name, making advertisement.
  • Скажи́те, каки́е кру́пные именá вы знáете в óбласти ру́сской фи́зики?
  • Tell [me] what great names you know in the field of Russian physics?
  • В ру́сском языкé именá существи́тельные и прилагáтельные склоня́ются.
  • In Russian language, nouns and adjectives decline.
  • Я совéтую тебé поменя́ть и́мя фáйла.
  • I recommend you to change the file name.
  • Ты ужé посети́л Музéй и́мени Пу́шкина в Москвé?
  • Have you already visited the Pushkin museum in Moscow?
  •  literal  Have you already visited the Museum of Pushkin name in Moscow?
  • Мóжно ли приобрести́ кварти́ру на и́мя другóго человéка?
  • Is it possible to acquire a flat on behalf of another person?
  • Расскáз ведëтся от и́мени охóтника.
  • The story is told on behalf of a hunter.
  •  literal  The story is told from the hunter's name.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • Во и́мя = In the name of
  • На и́мя = Addressed to
      literal  To the name
  • От и́мени = On behalf of, for
      literal  From the name of
  • От моегó и́мени = On ny behalf
      literal  From my name
  • Под и́менем = Under the name of
  • Давáть-дать и́мя = Name, give a name
  • Назывáть вéщи свои́ми именáми = Сall things by their proper names
      literal  Call things by their own names
  • Сдéлать себé и́мя = Make a name for oneself
  • и́менем закóна = In the name of the law
 Related words:
  • фами́лия = surname
  • óтчество = patronymic
  • назвáние = name (things and phenomena)
  • именнóй = personal
  • и́мечко = name (ironic, diminutive)
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • С и́менем Ивáн, без и́мени - болвáн.
  • If he has a name, he is Ivan, if he doesn't he is a blockhead.
  •  literal  With a name Ivan, without a name a blockhead.
  • Cын не роди́лся, а уж ему́ и́мя дáли.
  • Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.
  •  literal  The son is not born yet, but they already gave him a name.
  • Во и́мя отцá, cы́на и святóго ду́ха.
  • In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
  • Что в и́мени тебé моëм? (А.С.Пушкин)
  • What's my name for you? (A.S.Pushkin)
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural

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