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How to say "exactly" in Russian

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Meaning: exactly, just, very, namely, indeed, that is to say, in particular

Pronunciation: [EE-mee-nuh]

Part of speech: adverb

Rank: #214 (see frequency list)

I'm sorry I don't know where the Bulgakov house exactly is.
Photo by thisisbossi, licensed under CC SA 2.0
 Example sentences:
  • Именно э́тот журнáл я ещë не смотрéл.
  • That's exactly the magazine that I haven't seen yet.
  •  literal  I haven't seen this very magazine.
  • Всë бы́ло и́менно так, как мы и ду́мали.
  • Everything happened exactly as we thought it would.
  •  literal  Everything was in that very way we thought.
  • Извини́те, я не знáю, где и́менно нахóдится дом Булгáкова.
  • I'm sorry I don't know where the Bulgakov's house exactly is.
  • Кто и́менно учácтвовал в дрáке?
  • Who exactly participated in the fight?
  • Онá заплати́ла за путëвку довóльно мнóго, не знáю тóчно, скóлько и́менно.
  • She paid quite a lot for the tour, I don't know how much exactly.
  • Вот и́менно э́то дирéктор и имéл в виду́.
  • It's exactly what the director meant.
  • Год назáд, и́менно в э́то врéмя мы бы́ли на Cелигéре.
  • A year ago, this time exactly, we were on the lake Seliger.
  • Именно поэ́тому сейчác он такóй злой.
  • It's exactly the reason why he's so angry now.
  •  literal  It's exactly so he is so angry now.
  • Он прочитáл мнóгих ру́сских áвторов, а и́менно: Толстóго, Достоéвского, Чéхова, Гончарóва и др.
  • He's read a lot of Russian authors, namely Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Goncharov, etc.
  • Что вы ерунду́ болтáете! Вот и́менно!
  • Why are you talking nonsence? That's it!
  • Знáчит, ты э́ти дéньги на би́рже зарабóтал? Именно так.
  • So, you earned this money at stock exchange? Exactly so.
  • Вы не пóмните, как и́менно вы́глядел престу́пник?
  • Do you remember what exactly the criminal looked like.
  •  literal  Don't you remember how exactly the criminal looked like?
  • Я поéхал тудá, где мóжно бы́ло устрóиться, а и́менно в Москву́.
  • I went to the place where you could get a job, more exactly to Moscow.
  • Это ну́жно сдéлать и́менно сейчác.
  • It's necessary to do it right now.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • и́менно потому́ = just because
  • и́менно э́тим объясня́ется = it's precisely this fact that expains
  • a и́менно = namely
  • вот и́менно = exactly, that's it
  • и́менно так = exactly so
 Related words:
  • тóчно = exactly, precisely
  • то есть = namely, that is
  • как раз = exactly, precisely
  • конкретно = specifically, exactly
  • в частности = specifically, in particular

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