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How to say "road" in Russian

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Meaning: road, route, way, trip, journey

Pronunciation: [dah-ROH-gah]

Part of speech: noun (feminine noun)

Rank: #211 (see frequency list)

I like long winding roads.
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 Example sentences:
  • Гдe здесь дорóга в гóрод?
  • Where is the road to the city here?
  • Я люблю́ дли́нные петля́ющие дорóги.
  • I like long winding roads.
  • Зимóй большáя проблéма в Росси́и -- скóльзкие дорóги.
  • Slippery roads is a big problem in Russia in winter.
  • Мы éхали по плáтной дорóге.
  • We drove through a toll road.
  • Чтóбы попáсть к нам на дáчу, вы должны́ сверну́ть с дорóги.
  • To get to our country house you have to leave the road.
  • Купи́ хлéба по дорóге домóй!
  • Could you buy some bread on your way home?
  •  literal  Buy some bread on your way home!
  • Я не знал, как пройти́, и они́ показáли мне дорóгу.
  • I didn't know where to go, and they showed me the way.
  • Не стóйте на дорóге, вы мешáeте!
  • Get out of the way, you're creating an obstacle. (polite)
  • Он, навéрное, устáл с дорóги.
  • He is probably tired from the trip.
  • На слéдующее у́тро они́ снóва отпрáвились в дорóгу.
  • The next morning they set out their journey again.
  • Они́ прошли́ по всем дорóгам страны́.
  • They walked through all the roads of the country.
  • Он идëт своéй дорóгой.
  • He's found his own place in life.
  •  literal  He is going his own way.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • сверну́ть с дорóги = to leave the road
  • по дорóгу домóй = on the way home
  • Дорóгу! = Make way!
  • уступáть дорóгу = to let smb pass, to yield, give way
  • дáльняя дорóга = long way, long journey
  • отправля́ться в дорóгу = to set out one's journey
  • в дорóге = travelling
  • идти́ прáвильной дорóгой = to be ont he right track
  • желéзная дорóга = railway
  • мне с вáми не по дорóге = we go different ways
  • cкáтертью дорóга = good riddance
  • тудá и дорóга! = it serves right!
  • всю дорóгу = all the time
  • такие деньги на дорóге не валя́ются = these much money doesn't lie on the road
      literal  this much money doesn't grow on trees
 Related words:
  • дорóжный = road (adjective), travelling
  • дорóжка = a small road (diminutive)
  • путь = a way, track
  • шоссé = a highway
  • тропи́нка = a small path
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • В Росси́и две беды́ - дураки́ и дорóги (Н.В. Гоголь)
  • There're two main problems in Russia, the fools and the roads. (N.V.Gogol)
  • Гдé дорóга, там и путь.
  • Where is the road, there is the way.
  • Всé дорóги веду́т в Рим.
  • All roads lead to Rome.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural

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