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Meaning: take, accept, capture, seize, get, hire, buy

Pronunciation: [braht']

Part of speech: verb (imperfective aspect)

Rank: #305 (see frequency list)

Where did you buy fruit that looks so good?
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 Example sentences:
  • Я беру́ лóжку и начинáю есть кáшу.
  • I'm taking a spoon and starting to eat porridge.
  • Я люблю́ брать сы́на нá руки.
  • I like taking my son in my arms.
  • Бери́те всë, что хоти́те: это бесплáтно.
  • Take everything you want, it's free.
  • Не бери́ чемодáн с собóй: он неудóбный.
  • Don't take the suitcase, it's bulky.
  •  literal  Don't take the suitcase with you, it's uncomfortable.
  • Я реши́л не брáть его на рабóту.
  • I decided not to hire him.
  •  literal  I decided not to take him to work.
  • Кáтя всегдá бралá рабóту нá дом.
  • Katia always took her work home.
  • Онá никогдá не бралá в долг так мнóго дéнег.
  • She had never borrowed so much money.
  •  literal  She had never taken so much money as a debt.
  • Скóлько ты берëшь в час?
  • How much do you charge per hour?
  •  literal  How much do you take per hour?
  • Гдé таки́е хорóшие фру́кты брáли?
  • Where did you buy fruit that looks so good?
  •  literal  Where did you take so good fruit?
  • Он не хо́чет брать меня́ с собо́й.
  • He doesn't want to take me with him.
  • Онá я́вно берëт умóм, а не красотóй.
  • It is clear that it is her wit and not her beauty that puts her at an advantage.
  •  literal  It is clear that she takes but her intelligence and not by her beauty.
  • Как поду́маю о командирóвке - меня́ стрáх берëт.
  • Every time I start thinking of my business trip, I'm in a grip of fear.
  •  literal  Every time I think of my business trip, the fear takes me.
  • Какóй кошмáр, э́тот материáл дáже нож не берëт!
  • It's horrible, even the knife doesn't cut this material!
  •  literal  What a horror, even the knife doesn't take this material!
  • Мы берëм такси́ и́ли éдем на пóезде?
  • Are we taking a taxi or going by train?
  • Здесь полицéйские не беру́т.
  • The policemen don't accept bribes here.
  •  literal  The policemen don't take here.
  • Послу́шай, по-мóему, ты берëшь на себя́ сли́шком мнóго!
  • Listen, I think you're taking too much on you!

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • брать на рабóту = hire
      literal  take to work
  • брать в áрмию = enroll smb in the army
      literal  take to the army
  • брать в долг = borrow
      literal  take as a debt
  • брать напрокáт = hire, rent
  • брать на себя́ отвéтственность = assume responsibility
      literal  take responsibility on oneself
  • мнóго на себя́ брать = take too much on oneself
  • брать налóг = collect a tax
      literal  take a tax
  • зло берëт = it makes one angry
      literal  the evil takes smb
  • брать курс на = head, make for
      literal  take the course to
  • брать такси́ = take a taxi
  • брать начáло = originate
      literal  take its origin
  • брать верх = prevail over
  • наша берëт! = we're winning!
  • брать себя́ в ру́ки = pull oneself together
      literal  take oneself in their hands
  • не бери́ в гóлову = take in easy
      literal  don't take it into your head
  • брать в плен = take prisoner
 Related words:
  • взять = take, accept, capture
  • покупать = buy
  • нанимáть = hire
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Смéлость городá берëт.
  • Fortune favours the brave.
  •  literal  Courage takes cities.
  • Даю́т - бери́, бьют - беги́.
  • Get anything given -- run being beaten.
  • Лю́бишь брать - люби́ и отдавáть.
  • If you like taking, you have to like giving back.
 Verb conjugation:

Present Tense

I беру́
you (singular) берёшь
he, she, it берёт
we берём
you (plural) берёте
they беру́т

Past Tense

I, you (singular), he бра́л
she брала́
it бра́ло
we, you (plural), they бра́ли

Future Simple Tense

The imperfective verb брать is not used in the Future Simple Tense. Use the perfective verb взять instead.

Future Compound Tense

I буду бра́ть
you (singular) будешь бра́ть
he, she, it будет бра́ть
we будем бра́ть
you (plural) будете бра́ть
they будут бра́ть

Imperative Mood (Command Form)

you (singular) бери́
you (plural) бери́те

View full conjugation table for the verb pair брать/взять

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