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Арте́льный горшо́к гу́ще кипи́т.
[ahr-TYEHL'-niy gahr-SHOHK GOO-schee kee-PEET]

English version:

  • With a helper a thousand things are possible.
  • Working as a team produces better results.

Literal translation:

  • An artel's pot boils denser.
  • артельный = (adjective) of or relating to artel, team, association
  • горшок = (noun) pot
  • гуще = (adverb) more thickly, more densely
  • кипит = (verb) boils, seethes, is boiling

It may be easy to complete a simple task on your own. But when you undertake a complex assignment it's hard to manage it without a helper. That is the reason why Russians commonly say that "Артельный горшок гуще кипит".

The proverb describes the benefits of team work or belonging to a group of like-minded people. It means that a person can achieve better results when working with a helper or as a part of the team. The first word "артельный" comes from the noun "артель" (artel) which was used in imperial Russia and the Soviet Union as a term for a cooperative of workers or producers. Artels organized people to build houses and railroads, cut trees in the forest and achieve many other useful tasks.

The benefits of working in teams or belonging to a group can be seen in politics where people organize political parties. Being a member of a political party brings an individual to a new level, opens more opportunites and gives new powers. Other examples include youth organizations built around a common purpose and supported by adults.

 Examples of usage:
  • Покрасить весь дом будет не просто! Найдите себе помощника. Артельный горшок гуще кипит.
  • It won't be easy to paint all the house! Find yourself a helper. With a helper a thousand things are possible.

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