Our House – Наш дом

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Hi! Today we are going to learn the names of the rooms inside a house and lots of useful terms and expressions on the topic. Interestingly, at the beginning of the 20th century most Russians lived in the county and Russia was an agricultural nation. Nowadays most Russian people live in apartments. Most of these apartments have just 1-3 rooms including the bedroom. However a lot of Russians would prefer to live in their own house. So as the population gets wealthier we should see a growing tendency of people moving from the packed big cities to the peaceful countryside. In this lesson for beginners we'll learn the names of the rooms inside a house and lots of useful expressions.

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Useful vocabulary

Flash required.

  • Слева (от) = left, to the left
  • Налево = to the left
  • Справа (от) = right , to the right
  • Направо = to the right
  • Перед = in front of, before
  • За = behind
  • Над = above
  • Под = under
  • C другой стороны = from the other side
  • На другой стороне = on the other side
  • Рядом (с) = near, next to
  • Квартира = apartment
  • Дом = house
  • Особняк = mansion
  • Окно = window
  • Кухня = kitchen
  • Гостиная = living room
  • Спальня = bedroom
  • Прихожая = hall
  • Большой = big
  • Уютный = cozy
  • Светлый = light
  • Удобный = comfortable

Useful expressions

Flash required.

  • Где у вас спальня?
  • Where is your bedroom?
  • Кто живёт в этой комнате?
  • Who lives in this room?
  • Чья это комната?
  • Whose room is this?
  • Проходи.
  • Come in. (informal)
  • Добро пожаловать (в)
  • Welcome (to)
  • Рад вас видеть.
  • Glad to see you. (said by a male)
  • Что-то находится где-то
  • something is located somewhere
  • Очень удобно работать дома.
  • It's very comfortable to work from home.
  • Пойдёмте на кухню
  • Let's go to the kitchen. (said to a group of people)
  • С удовольствием.
  • With pleasure.
  • Мне нравится кухня.
  • I like the kitchen.
  • Мне понравилась кухня.
  • I liked the kitchen.
  • Сколько комнат?
  • How many rooms?
  • Как тебе наш дом?
  • How do you like our house?
  • Поздравляю вас с новосельем!
  • Congratulations on the new house (apartment)!

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