Russian Alphabet and Pronunciation

Editor's note: This lesson is written by PRIVET!, a school of the Russian language in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Here you can listen to the Russian Alphabet pronounced by a native speaker: RealAudio

Russian letter Sounds like in English word Sound and how it is marked Comments
Аа father a  
Бб bomb b  
Вв vault v  
Гг go g  
Дд do d  
Ее vet e soft
Ёё Yo! yo one sound
Жж vision zh one sound
Зз zebra z  
Ии field i  
Йй short "yi" yi  
Кк kinky k  
Лл loony l soft
Мм monk m  
Нн no n  
Оо long o  
Пп pot p  
Рр corrida r strong, like in Spanish
Сс sucks s  
Тт take t  
Уу look u or oo marked "oo"
when longer
Фф fake f  
Хх host kh like strong "h"
Цц mats ts  
Чч cheeky ch  
Шш shock sh  
Щщ shch shch  
Ъъ silent   separates two letters
Ыы busy or above y it's like more open "e" and "i" together
Ьь onion   softens the previous letter
Ээ land e more open
Юю mute yu  
Яя yankee ya  

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