Guide to Russian Pronunciation

Russian Alphabet

Letter   Pronounced as Symbol
a   a in car; u in cut ah
б   b in bit b
в   v in vine v
г   g in go g
д   d in do d
e   ye in yet yeh
ё   yo in yolk yo
ж   s in measure zh
з   z in zoo z
и   ee in see ee
й   y in boy y
к   k in kiss k
л   l in lady l
м   m in mist m
н   n in not n
o   o in folk o
п   p in pipe p
р   trilled r in rrroll r
с   s in soft s
т   t in tie t
y   oo in root oo
ф   f in farm f
х   ch in Scottish loch kh
ц   ts in lists ts
ч   ch in chapter ch
ш   sh in shut sh
щ   sh in sheep shch
ъ   is used to separate
two parts of the word
ы   i in ill i
ь   is used to make the
preceding consonant soft
э   e in net eh
ю   u in use yoo
я   ya in yard yah

Letter combinations

Letters   Pronounced as  Symbol 
ай   igh in might igh
яй   , preceded by the y as in yes yigh
ой   oy in toy oy
ей   ay in pay, preceded by a short y yay
уй   oo in food followed by y as in yes ooy
юй   уй, preceded by a short y yooy

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