Acquaintance - Знакомство

The following Russian phrases will help you to introduce yourself by name, ask others for their name, and start making a small talk in Russian. Click on the play button to hear the pronunciation of the phrase.

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Как вас зовут? What is your name? formal

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Как тебя зовут? What is your name? familiar

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Меня зовут... My name is...  

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Вы знакомы с...? Are you acquaninted with...? formal or plural

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Разрешите познакомить вас... May I introduce...

formal or plural

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...с моим мужем my husband  

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...с моей женой my wife  

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Очень приятно. Pleased to meet you.  

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Я из Америки. I'm from the USA.  

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Это... This is...  

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Word: вы
Meaning: you (plural), you (formal singular)
Pronunciation: [vih]

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