Describing People in Russian

Imagine you have met a very interesting person and want to tell about him or her to your Russian friends. Or, maybe, you want to make a clear picture of your ideal look.

In this case, you can make use of the patterns offered to your attention here. The patterns will help you describe a person just like Russian literature classics did.

Describing a man

  1. Select what describes him better in general

    Он хорош собой...




  2. Tell about the color of his eyes

    ...с глазами


  3. Tell about the color of his hair



  4. Describe his height

    ... роста


  5. Tell about his face or facial expression

    ... с лицом


    ... с выражением лица


  6. Tell about his way of speaking

    Говорит он


  7. Tell about his look

    У него взгляд


  8. Describe his smile

    На лице у него улыбка

To get an idea of what you will get take a look at how Dostoyevsky described his character Rodion Raskolnilkov in Crime and Punishment.


Он был замечательно хорош собой, с тёмными глазами, тёмно-рус, ростом выше среднего, тонок и строен.

Describing a woman

  1. First, tell about her in general



  2. Tell about her eyes

    ... с , глазами


  3. Tell about her mouth

    ... с ртом


  4. Describe her hair

    ... и волосами


  5. Tell about her constitution

    У неё фигура


  6. Tell about her appearance

    ... и вид.

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