Countdown to 2014 Winter Olympics – the Mascots

Written on:January 22, 2013
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[caption id="attachment_275" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Russian Olympic Mascots Mascots for 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia[/caption]

If you like зимние виды спорта (winter sports), then you are already looking forward to the next year’s Winter Olympics. As you know, the Games will take place in the Russian курортный город (resort town) of Сочи (Sochi) on the shores of Чёрное море (the Black Sea).... Read More

Intricate Russian Rules of Politeness

Written on:January 18, 2013
Intricate Russian Rules of Politeness

This post is prepared by Ruspod, a podcast hub specializing in teaching Russian through audio podcasts, text lessons, and exercises. Visit Ruspod for free and premium podcasts.... Read More


Best Russian Comedies to Watch This Year

Written on:January 10, 2013
Best Russian Comedies to Watch This Year

It’s just over a week into the new year, a perfect time to replace the by now broken resolutions with the new ones. Let’s совместить приятное с полезным (combine the pleasant with the useful) and make a resolution to watch at least one Russian movie each month.... Read More


5 Strange, Fun and Useful Russian Phrases

Written on:November 22, 2012
Вот где собака зарыта

When it comes to learning Russian language, 2+2 does not always equal four. Russian idioms are great examples of this. You put together a couple of words into a phrase that means something entirely different from the original meanings of the words, something new, unpredictable and fun.... Read More


Summer Sports in Russian – Olympic Games 2012

Written on:July 31, 2012
Swimming - Russian sports
flickr/Jim Bahn cc-by-2.0

As the ле́тние олимпи́йские и́гры (Summer Olympic games) are in full swing in London, you can be sure to know the sports, athletes and medal count of your country like the back of your hand. But have you ever wondered how to say the summer sports in Russian? Here’s a great opportunity to learn and practice a few Russian sports terms. The good news is that you already know many of the Russian sports words on this page because they are similar to the English terms for sports.... Read More