Calling a Taxi

Written on:February 19, 2013
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Taxi service in Russia

There are many taxi companies in Russia, and while going around town, it’s always handy to have the telephone numbers of a couple of them so that one doesn’t get stuck somewhere in the middle of the night, with no buses or subway stations around. A taxi will bring you anywhere you want, and they’re especially convenient to use if you want to go somewhere to the outskirts of the town, like to an airport.

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Ordering a taxi

Ordering a taxi basically does not present a problem in Russia. If you call them, they will come. It’s better to know the language, of course, but it is also possible to simply send a text message with your name and address in it. Your taxi will be there – the only question is, how soon.

Because the devil as usual hides in these little details. After all, what difference does it make, if your driver is there half an hour or even an hour later? Really so crucial? Try explaining it to the operator, like the hero of our dialog did – and let’s hope that you’ll not be confronted with that typical service attitude ranging from nonchalance to utter rudeness. Chances are good that you won’t: The taxi market is booming, and trying to out-perform each other, companies are starting to pay more attention to the quality of service. Try as they might, their hands are tied when it comes to another problem connected with traveling by taxi: the curse of constant traffic jams, but at least one will endure them in a more polite atmosphere.

Useful links

All-Russia taxi generator site — tape in time and address, and you’ll get offers from all available taxi companies

Ordering taxi via text-messaging — You’ll also get a texted confirmation of your order, the driver’s name, phone and license plate number, and arrival notification.)

Federal taxi network

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