Russian Superstitions for Every Day of the Week

Written on:April 17, 2012
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Russian superstitions
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How is your work week going so far? Now that понедельник (Monday) is over, things should be getting easier, right? Well, let’s look at some Russian приметы (omens) and суеверия (superstitions) for each day of the week.

Понедельник - Monday

Russians know that понедельник – день тяжёлый (Monday is a difficult day). So it’s best not to start any new важное дело (important undertaking) or set out on путешествие (journey) on a Monday. Instead of trying начать новую жизнь (to get a fresh start) on Monday, you are better off sneezing. Чихать (to sneeze) on a Monday means you’ll be getting a gift later in the week.

Гости пришли в понедельник? (Did guests visit on Monday?) Then expect guests every day for the rest of the week.

Вторник – Tuesday

Now is the time to make major changes in your life and to start new ventures. It’s a great day for travel too. The only time you should be really careful is вечер вторника (Tuesday evening) and only if you feel like you need занять денег (to borrow money). Don’t do it.

Среда – Wednesday

Whatever you do on a Wednesday, do not move в новый дом или квартиру (into a new house or an apartment). Переезд (moving to a new place) on this day is bound to bring bad luck.

Четверг – Thursday

Это самый лёгкий день недели (It is the easiest day of the week). Do whatever it is you need to get done. Make this day even more awesome by getting up and washing your face до восхода солнца (before sunrise). You will обеспечить себе (assure for yourself) both чистота (cleanliness) and здоровье (health).

Пятница – Friday

If you are thinking about уборка в доме (cleaning the house) for the upcoming weekend, forget about it until after mid-day. In fact, nothing should be done on Friday that is considered женская работа (woman’s work), including рукоделие (crafts).

Суббота - Saturday

Если вы начнёте новое дело в субботу, то и будете его делать только по субботам (If you start something new on a Saturday, you will continue doing it on Saturdays only).

Воскресенье – Sunday

Если рано завтракать в воскресенье, это приведёт к скорым слезам (Eating breakfast early on a Sunday will lead to tears in no time). On a different note, you should not стричь ногти (clip nails) on this day or else you will lose not just деньги (money), but also счастье (happiness).

What Russian superstitions do you know? Do you follow any of them?

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  1. Yelena says:

    Спасибо Андрей!

  2. Sarah says:

    Это – классно! Какой хороший блог для студентов..

  3. Shobdo says:

    In Scotland you must exit any house you visit by the door you entered. I leraend this from a sweet elderly couple. Two of my children and I had arrived and gone in the kitchen door. My husband and other son arrived later when we were all in the living room so came in the front door. When we all started to leave together we were stopped and sorted as to who had come in which door and had to leave by the proper door and get together outside.

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