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How to say "it is necessary" in Russian

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Meaning: it is necessary, one must, need, want, have to, ought to, should

Pronunciation: [NAH-dah]

Part of speech: verb, preposition (used as an unchangeable verb and a preposition)

Rank: #92 (see frequency list)

It's necessary to brush your teeth every day.
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 Example sentences:
  • Мне нáдо уйти́.
  • I need to leave.
  • Татья́не нáдо поéхать в Москву.
  • Tatiana needs to travel to Moscow.
  • Нáдо обязáтельно чи́стить зу́бы по утрáм.
  • One must brush their teeth every morning.
  • Нам срóчно нáдо бы́ло офóрмить ви́зу.
  • We had to get the visas urgently.
  • Тепéрь мне нáдо бу́дет мнóго занимáться.
  • I'll have to study a lot now.
  • Тебé нáдо бы покрáситься!
  • You should dye your hair!
  • Не нáдо трóгать игру́шки рукáми!
  • Don't touch the toys!
  • Нáдо слу́шаться пáпу.
  • You must obey your dad says. (addressing a kid)
  • Что тебé нáдо?
  • What do you want/need? (informal)
  •  literal  What to you needed?

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • Так ему́ и нáдо! = It serves him!
  • Очень ей нáдо! = A lot she cares!
  • Нáдо же! = really, unbelievable
  • нáдо ду́мать = it's likely
  • что нáдо = the best there is
  • как нáдо = the right way
  • пáрень что нáдо = a great guy
 Related words:
  • нáдобность = necessity, need
  • нáдобно = it's necessary (old-fashioned)
  • ну́жно = it's necessary, (one) must, need to, want, have to
  • необходи́мо = it's necessary, (one) must, need to, want, have to (formal version)

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